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Federal Sales Training is hosted by Christina Kacem. We recommend that key strategist(s) of your firm’s government sales force attend this course, and therefore, we provide access to this course worldwide. This course consists of three sessions lasting 2-3 hours each and will be scheduled with your convenience in mind. The curriculum is designed to help you learn how to develop and execute a best practices Federal Government sales strategy.

From your very first session you are submersed into the world of Federal procurement. We will take you thru a proven step by step approach to getting the most out of your government contracting vehicles.

Session 1- During session one you will be reviewing the departments and agencies of the Executive Branch. Christina will take you thru how products and services are procured by government agencies. There are several contracting vehicles used by Federal contracting officers that are outlined in this session. Christina will gain an understanding of your firm’s state and federal certification and help you use those certifications to your firm’s fullest advantage. The goal in session one is to teach you how to start making contacts in the government and position yourself as a leader in your field of expertise.

Session 2- Session two dives deeper into your firms specific needs as we take you through developing a concise and plentiful capabilities statement. During this session you be uncovering which government agencies are purchasing the products and/or services your firm is soliciting, and creating a pricing strategy that will be effective for competing in the federal marketplace. The focal point for this session will be understanding who your primary competitors are and how you can become the choice contractor for the federal government.

Session 3- Session three focuses on action. Christina will present an action plan for your business to start executing immediately. This plan will capture your firms current federal target agencies and identify new resources that will help your firm achieve its federal marketing goals.

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It is an extremely time consuming process to learn how to navigate and identify the correct people in the federal government that purchase a specific good or service. This is one of the greatest difficulties new government contractors face. We can save you time and effort by creating a federal buyers list specific to your firm’s needs.

IT/ Consulting/ Staffing- This list will generally include contact information for federal buyers within a 2-4 state region and usually cost between $400-$700.

Construction/ Janitorial- This list may be narrowed to a specific agency’s buyers or as broad as buyers across the entire United States and usually cost $350-$3,200.

Other- We can build list to meet any firm’s needs. Call us for a pricing estimate.

Pricing will vary based on your firm’s specific needs. Please contact us for a pricing estimate.

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